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Past Projects

Curious about what we do? Take a look at past projects slices has completed over Fall 2022!



Central NY YMCA

Project Manager: Grant Maxheimer

The YMCA aimed to build data around their donors and lack thereof. The organization partnered with Slice Consulting to design a survey that will be sent to the community to understand better where their donors are coming from. The goal is to have quantitative data they can use to shift their programming and outreach to draw in more donors. The survey consisted of yes/no questions with space for long answers if a respondent wanted. Additionally, there are demographic questions to understand the type of donors better.  


Scholars and Champs

Project Manager: Andrew Zamore

Scholars and Champs aimed to improve their reach toward Syracuse students. As a group, we created a new marketing platform, Tik Tok account, and videos for them to promote their store and new apparel. In addition, we also promoted their new clothing line on Instagram. 



Women in Educational Leadership

Project Manager: Hayley Miller and Marisa Abeles 

Women in Educational Leadership is an organization that strives to inspire and empower other females to become educational leaders. It is a resource for women to strive to meet their potential and have confidence in collaborating with all. The organization partnered with Slice Consulting in a marketing project that included a website for their organization. The user-friendly website was created with professional software and included a description of the organization and messaging, logo from a brand kit, clear and consistent color scheme and font, mission and vision statements, E-board tab, events tab, and contact information. This brand kit gave Women in Educational Leadership a clear identity and recognition for future collaborations and events they hope to have in the near future. The kit included a description of the organization/messaging, logo, clear and consistent color scheme, consistent font, typography, a tagline, and contact information.


Habitat for Humanity

Project Manager: Ashtha Singh

Our team worked with Habitat for Humanity - Syracuse Chapter. We aimed to help them develop a portfolio of low-input, high-yield fundraisers. We went through several draft cycles where they fielded our ideas and narrowed down what they were interested in. Eventually, we settled on two fundraising concepts to develop action plans for. The initial goal was to produce four or five, but we cut back due to the unexpected length of time for the brainstorms/drafts. Our team creates detailed action plans, including event descriptions, labor needs, costs, and valuable contacts. We sent this to HFH Syracuse via email and never received a response.

Slice_Consulting_Group_Shots-2 (1).jpg


Vera House

Project Manager: Shannon Gamble

The Vera House is an organization that aims to give unconditional and trauma-informed care to the community. The organization partnered with Slice Consulting to overhaul the volunteer programs, create supportive tools for staff and volunteers, and recruitment plans. The desired outcome is to successfully create checklists, calendars, assessments, and thorough plans to increase volunteer programs and retention rates.


Believe in Syracuse

Project Manager: Carina Sarracino 

Believe in Syracuse is an organization that aims to improve conditions in the community by retaining the talent of SU graduate and undergraduate students and encouraging others to move to the area. It hopes to inform these individuals of the many opportunities available in Syracuse. They are having a 10 years of BIS celebration in which they will feature the arts, culinary, and other features of Syracuse. Our team worked with their communications consultant, who came up with specific content ideas, to produce this content.

Slice_Consulting_Group_Shots-4 (1).jpg


Say Yes

Project Manager: Jenna Poma 

Say Yes to Education supports high school students and their families by preparing them financially for post-secondary education. Slice Consulting designed a survey targeted at Say Yes alums to learn more about the resources to offer current students. The results of this survey will be used to develop and implement a comprehensive mentorship program between alums and current students.


J Michael Shoes

Project Manager: Tucker Moran

This semester we worked with J Michael to better student body engagement and drive sales as the year came to a close. Our project involved working in close liaison with the store head, Erik, and our own team to create a way to drive sales for the store. We worked on a social media plan involving a raffle as well as a photo shoot where students advertised clothing that was being sold off the rack at the store.



Boys and Girls Club

Project Manager: Hailey Opperman

The Boys and Girls Club of Syracuse needed a complete website overhaul. They wanted Slice to create a whole new website with a more exciting design presence, including SEO marketing. We changed the landing pages, contact pages, and look and feel for this website. We transformed their website through Canva design rather than wix or squarespace. 

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