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Slice Consulting is dedicated to giving students the opportunity to share skills they have mastered in the classroom with the surrounding community to advance their organizations. Currently, based on our members' diverse skill sets, we can offer services such as fundraising, data analytics, marketing, and environmental sustainability. We hope these services will expand as time passes and more members join the organization.

Although only a few are listed here, we are happy to work with your company and collaborate on a potential project and if your need is outside our listed services.



Expand Your Reach

  • Social Media Campaign (Instagram, TikTok,  Twitter, youtube and Facebook)

  • Social Media Development 

  • Website Development 

  • Trend Analysis


Grow Your Organization

  • Market and Run a Fundraising Event 

  •  Convert Payments to an Online Platforms

  • Grant Writing 

  • Project Management 

  • Streamline Donor Communications

Data Analysis

Organize Your Data

  • Conducting Surveys

  • Transferring Data into Efficient Excel Sheets

  • Organizing Data into Digestible formats ie. Pivot-Tables and Charts

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